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So how’s your breathing? PFTs will tell you.

When it comes to the lungs, it’s important they’re working properly to ensure you’re getting

enough air into them. Pulmonary function tests (PFT’s) are breathing tests to find out how well you move air in and out of your lungs and how well oxygen enters your blood stream.

At the office of Dr. Andre Nye, our team of professionals is committed to your care and well-

being. We’ll work with you to identify any problems that are causing you uncomfortable

symptoms and create an action plan to help you manage them and improve overall lung


Lung function tests can be used to:

— Compare your lung function with known standards that show how well your lungs should be


— Measure the effect of chronic diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD),

or cystic fibrosis on lung function

— Identify early changes in lung function that might show a need for a change in treatment.

— Detect narrowing in the airways.

— Decide if a medicine (such as a bronchodilator) could be helpful to use.

— Show whether exposure to substances in your home or workplace may have harmed your


— Determine your ability to tolerate surgery and medical procedures.

Because everyone’s body and lungs are different sizes, normal results differ from person to

person. For instance, taller people and males tend to have larger lungs whereas shorter people and females have smaller lungs. It is normal for your lung function to fall slightly as you age.

We’ll help you breathe easy

At the office of Dr. Andre Nye, our goal is to ensure your respiratory health and that your lungs are functioning at a capacity that is right for you. For more information on our office and the many services we provide, give us a call today.

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