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Immunizations help protect your child’s health through life

They are considered a rite of passage for children during their formative years —

immunizations — that are designed to protect them from specific diseases that can

affect them later in life.

Before the advent of vaccines, many children died from diseases that these vaccines

now prevent, such as whooping cough, measles, and polio. Those same diseases are still

around today, but because of immunizations, it’s seldom that we see cases develop.

For a number of years, childhood vaccinations have been under attack by opponents

lobbying to abolish the practice. Their mistrust of immunizations for medical, ethical

and/or legal reasons, and their refusal to have their children vaccinated, has led to an

increase in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases.

The reality is that vaccines strengthen the immune system by producing antibodies to

fight disease. Infants have limited immune systems during the first few months of life,

so they need repeated vaccinations given at certain intervals to build a stronger immune


The world has seen unprecedented consequences with the COVID-19 outbreak, as we

anxiously await a vaccine for it. We’ve already got time-tested vaccines for a host of

dangerous diseases that can endanger many more children than any known vaccine-

related complications. The bottom line is that vaccinations are safe, and help give our

children the healthiest possible start in life.

At the office of Dr. Andre Nye, our mission is the well-being of your child and your whole

family. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of skilled and compassionate

care for a wide range of services, including pediatrics, obstetrics and urgent care

services. For more information on our office and the many services we provide, give us a

call today.

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